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Seal-Coat/Asphalt Sealing

Sealing your asphalt is the fundamental maintenance to extend its life.  Pavement failure primarily occurs for two reasons. Either a subgrade failure, where something under the asphalt collapses, or surface wear such as sun, water, and traffic erosion, may cause pavement to dry out become brittle and crack. A regular asphalt seal-coating program, typically every 3 – 5 years will provide a sacrificial layer to prevent damage to the surface of your asphalt.  In addition to increasing the life of your asphalt the overall appearance of your property is greatly enhanced by a new fresh coat of asphalt. 


Earthworks employs career seal-coating specialists to ensure the meticulous work and attention to detail you want.  While other pavers may say “Paint it black and don’t look back” Earthworks crew will look for the little things that make the big differences in creating the project that looks great now and in the future.  We won’t skimp on time or materials to save a little now.  We think long term and strive to develop a relationship where you will call us whenever you have a pavement need or just a question.


Whether you have a small driveway, a large parking lot or a long road Earthworks wants to extend its life and improve its appearance with a professional sealer application.


  • Fog Seal  SS1 - Emulsion, liquid asphalt, emulsifier and water
  • Seal-coat - Asphalt emulsion, mineral aggregate, water
  • State Spec Slurry - Asphalt: emulsion, mineral aggregate, water
  • Chip Seal Asphalt - Emulsion followed by fine gravel








Considerations when scheduling Sealing;

Garbage Days, Sprinklers off, pets secured, neighbors notified, mail carriers, posting closures for residents and tenants

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